Today was a big day for a lot of reasons.  It’s the last day of work for me as I’m heading off on a long weekend to celebrate 10 wonderful years with my wife.  It’s the anniversary of an incredible speech that turned a dream for one into realities for many.  It’s a night marked with history as a nominee accepts his party’s nomination in an incredible venue under extraordinary circumstances for obvious reasons in this country.   Regardless of your personal opinions regarding politics, we all must admit this is a big night in our nation’s history.  It’s been a big day.

But today also marked the beginning of a 3-week trip that Randy is taking to go back to Benin, West Africa where he and his family spent almost 10 years serving as missionaries and teaching the Good News to Aja people in the villages most of us will never see.  Randy and his wife and two oldest children are in route even as I’m typing this post so please remember them and this journey in your prayers.   It will be a reunion with some old friends as well as a time of reflection for a people who loved Randy, Kelly, Tori, Timo, Jonathan and most certainly Lael (her birth mother died at childbirth and Randy’s family adopted her from the birth father, Ega, who still lives in Benin).   It’s been a big day.

In honor of Randy, I wanted to share with you a video blog he put together before he left.  It might take a few minutes to listen and watch, but I know you’ll be inspired not only for your business but also personally as you embark into a long, holiday weekend.   On behalf of the Marketing Twins, enjoy the Labor Day weekend and this video blog (CLICK HERE TO VIEW BLOG).


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