In our session on DIFFERENTIATION (one of the core sessions as we lay a strong marketing foundation), I always talk to my clients about 2 factors:


The latter usually frees the client to brainstorm about ways to WOW their prospective customer by thinking of ways to do things, offer things, say things or just present things in a way that is truly remarkable.  Businesses should think about (1) pricing structures that are unheard of in the industry, (2) offering/carrying a unique product or service that none of the competition can offer . . . by the way, this is the key to a local shop competing with the big box retailers during the busy holiday shopping season, (3) rather than just saying you have the “best customer service in town”, design your customer service to be so fabulous that your clients will brag about you in their video testimonials, (4) giving your prospect a taste, smell, touch, sound or sight that creates an experiential difference, and (5) connecting authentically with prospects on common values that are important (legitimately) to both of you (a customer can smell exploitation a mile away!)

But the NOW factor talks about things going on RIGHT NOW.  How do you know what impresses your current customers and past clients?  Do you have evidence captured that gives you tangible data to prove why you are so wonderful?

You can capture this evidence by:

– sending out a brief survey, either printed or via SurveyMonkey,

– offer to videotape a testimonial,

– or just sit down with them an interview them!

As a business owner, you likely fall into one of two camps:

  • You think you know what they think (but you might be surprised if you ask them!)
  • You have no idea (and you’re scared to death to ask them!)

Fellow Duct Tape Marketing colleague, Laura Lorenz, offers a compelling article on how important it is to ask these questions.  Read the full article, “What do your customers really think about you?