Recently we had the privilege of helping host a webinar of our friend, Greg Allen.  Greg is a church staffing expert and is the President of The Shepherd’s Staff, a church search firm.

More and more churches today are utilizing Executive Search to find and hire key staff members. Executive Search is certainly nothing new, but churches have only been engaging search firms for a few years. There are several things to consider when investigating and possibly retaining a firm.

Greg, who has been helping churches hire staff for nearly 12 years will share 5 secrets to keep in mind when selecting and working with an Executive Search Firm. This webinar is for you if:

  • You are curious about how Executive Search could be used for a current or future hire
  • You haven’t used Executive Search and you are not sure about the costs involved or what you should ask
  • You’ve used Executive Search, but it wasn’t a great experience and before you try again you want to know more

For more information, contact Greg at or follow him on Twitter @gregallen.