Why settle for a default Facebook page when you can differentiate yourself from your competition by creating an eye-catching, action-generating page that powerfully promotes the JBF brand!!

Did you miss the previous promotion?

We recently launched a promotion that ended on Monday, November 8th.  We are excited about launching this new JBF-specific Custom Facebook Page promotion with some exciting new opportunities to help you differentiate and stand out from your competition. Here are the highlights:

  • Simpler process – We’ve maintained the simple process from the previous promotion and created new options to choose from.  And we are still including the ability to customize the page exactly the way you want!
  • Pricing incentives – As evident from our previous promotion, JBF owners clearly like to take advantage of payment discounts.  With this promotion, we are offering 3 unique payment incentives to allow you save some money by paying early!

Have you seen some of the Custom Facebook Pages we’ve done in the past? If not, check out some of them here:

Once you’ve viewed the options, the payment incentives and all the details, contact Donny to get the ball rolling.  Now, let’s get started!