When times are tough, don’t abandon your passion and what you are known for!  You’ll just stay stuck!

And for goodness sake, this is not the time to pull back on your marketing.  For one, unless you’ve gone into cahoots with your competition and called a truce on all marketing efforts, why would you sit back and do nothing while they are moving forward?  Oh, you assumed they were struggling and cutting back, too?  (you might think through that one!)  Just as sound financial folks remind us:  buy low!  This means that when it appears to most people not to be a good time, you might find the best long-term ROI when times are hard.

Secondly, don’t assume that all marketing costs alot!  Networking, making referrals (thus your referrals likely reciprocating), social networking….these are inexpensive and sometimes FREE marketing tools that keep you on track.

Fellow Duct Tape Marketing Coach and Portland Marketing Consultant (that’s Oregon y’all!) shares some good thoughts on this timely issue.  Good job Michael!