Duct Tape Marketing Catalyst

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You now have an affordable way to hire a marketing consultant to help you design, build and install a marketing system based on the proven principles and practices of Duct Tape Marketing.

It’s called the Duct Tape Marketing Catalyst.


Here’s What You Get:

1. Your very own Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant
who works WITH you to design, build and implement the Duct Tape Marketing system
for marketing your business . . . simply, effectively and affordably!

Duct Tape Marketing Consultant - Randy Vaughn - Dallas/Fort Worth/Texas

DFW’s only Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

Duct Tape Marketing - Testimonial - David Meredith, Estate Planning Attorney, The Woodlands (Houston), TX

2. An Online Marketing Resource Center — Personalized Just For YOU
Just released, Duct Tape Marketing has created an online website where you can:

    • On-Demand Videos — watch movies of John Jantsch on marketing at your own page
    • Audios — listen to audio from John and other Duct Tape Marketing Consultants
    • Whitepapers, Workbooks and Reports — get them on all aspects of marketing
    • Access — Duct Tape Marketing blog posts, podcasts & articles — On-Demand
    • Download — these PDF’s and MP3 files to play back on your iPhone or iPod

3. Install Your Own Complete Marketing System1
Working WITH you, you’ll learn the principles and implement the practices of marketing simply, effectively and affordably. We work — together as a TEAM — through a carefully chosen program of highly practical, ‘street-smart’ marketing topics based on the best-selling book by John Jantsch — Founder of Duct Tape Marketing:

    • Section 1: “Defining Your Ideal Client”
    • Section 2: “Standing Out from The Crowd”
    • Section 3: “The Marketing Hourglass
    • Section 4: “Using Content To Attract Ideal Clients”
    • Section 5: “Managing Your Presence on The Web”
    • Section 6: “Winning at Local and Online Search”
    • Section 7: “Advertising That Attracts”
    • Section 8: “Increasing Your PR and Referrals”
    • Section 9: “Converting Leads Into Revenues”
    • Section 10: “Putting It All Together”

Each section is ACTION-ORIENTED. You’ll have material to read, watch and process. You’ll also be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for completing assigned actions.

By the time you’ve completed all ten (10) sections, you’ll have built a comprehensive Marketing Plan for your business that you’ll be implementing and using to generate more revenues from your products and services.

4. Regular Meetings with Randy Vaughn, your Duct Tape Marketing Consultant
We’ll work together to get through your Marketing Catalyst. In addition to the assigned work you’ll complete at your own convenience, we’ll be meeting online to 1) review your progress with previous assignments, 2) answer your questions, 3) suggest ways to make your marketing even better and 4) preview your next section and assignments.




 5. On-Demand Text/Email/Facebook/Tweet Access Access to Your Duct Tape Marketing Consultant
At anytime during your Marketing Catalyst program that you have a question of would like some ‘quick advice’ . . . you can email me, text me, or send me a tweet!  If you want, we can also establish a private Facebook group to communicate with you.  You have UNLIMITED ACCESS to me between formally scheduled meetings — to help you apply the principles and implement the practices that will make your marketing make you money!


Take your marketing to a new level – let’s get started today!

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