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The Marketing Twins at 1429 Creative . . . that’s who we are to most people who come to this site. But who we really are is based on the foundation of our love for Jesus Christ and openly acknowledging that God has paved our journey, both what has already occurred and that which lies ahead for us and our families. Bottom line – without our faith in God and Jesus Christ, our company ceases to exist.

So how did we come up with an unusual name like “1429 Creative” for our main agency name? It has its roots as twin brothers who spent their time enjoying being creative from our younger days being raised in Littlefield, Texas. The street address where our family grew up in West Texas includes these numbers – so this unusual name reminds us of that special dream we had of one day of owning our own marketing, advertising and creative services company. It reminds us that no matter how long you have held onto that dream, it’s never too late to launch it!

As men of faith, we find incredible strength and vision in the person of Jesus. In one story told of him in the Bible from the Book of Matthew, he is seen in what amounts to a simple coaching exercise. As he stands at a distance from a group of others in a boat far away, Jesus calls to them…to step out of the boat and do something extraordinary (walk on water!) Some in the boat remained. But one man stepped out and took the risk – focusing not on the unstable, uncertain dangers of the deep water. Rather, he kept his eyes on his coach, the one who challenged him to have faith and take a risk.

As you read Matthew 14:29, you’ll see these simple words . . . “Come”. It is God’s invitation to experience remarkable, amazing and greater things. That’s what we strive to do each day as we seek to follow Jesus.

At 1429 Creative, this story resonates with us because we stepped out in faith when we started our company in 2007. For years, we had ideas, dreams, and even some plans – but the waters seemed so frightening. You may be facing a similar journey. We find strength in faith, knowing that the best coach assesses your situation and equips you with the skills and tools you need to succeed. As marketing consultants, whether it’s inspiration, ideas, or implementation, we come alongside to help you. Our agency is staffed with some of the best strategy & branding consultants, graphic designers, web designers, logo artists, videographers, media buyers, social media specialists and other creative professionals.

We believe God launched this agency – 1429 Creative – for a purpose. And that purpose is to help you do GREATER THINGS!

Randy & Donny Vaughn – The Marketing Twins at 1429 Creative


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