DO HARD THINGS - Alex & Brett Harris - Twins

My lovely wife has become a featured book reviewer on her blog (our family’s blog, but pretty much she writes all the content nowadays since I’m writing so much on this one). Last October, she wrote a book review (Part I, Part II, Part III, and finally Part IV) of Amy Grant’s book, MOSAIC (FYI: my wife’s a HUGE Amy Grant fan!!)


She was recently contacted to do another blog tour book review of another book. This one caught my attention for 2 reasons.



Or I guess I should say

1 – MARKETING 2 – TWINS (that would reinforce our brand, huh?!)Alex & Brett Harris: Twins Challenge Teens to DO HARD THINGS

In terms of their marketing, I applaud their marketing team. I believe these young men have a strong passion for communicating their challenge to as many as possible. Whoever it is that is responsible for their communication strategy, great job! I love the consistent design elements throughout all their marketing collateral (book, blog, site, conferences, etc.) It’s surprising to me how simple this is – but so many small businesses just put together different looks, designs, and even a variety of fonts when they are communicating their company’s name. From a marketing and communication standpoint, I applaud their team for a job well done!

There’s actually a 3rd reason the book attracted my attention. The name of their book so closely resembled a challenge we try and make to all our clients and prospective clients (perhaps you reading this post today!) At 1429, we say that we create marketing solutions . . . but that’s not all. We do so you can DO GREATER THINGS! I couldn’t believe there was this trifecta of a connection: Marketing, Twins, Greater Things (or Hard Things in their case).

Maybe someday we’ll have a chance to meet these twins in person – they are coming to the Fort Worth area in June. If anyone knows them and cares to help get us connected to them, let us know! We’d love to interview them in a podcast format for the MarketingTwins Radio Show (you didn’t know there was one, did you?! – it’s in development).