I was sitting with my oldest son Friday afternoon at our favorite ice cream shoppe in town for an after school treat.   We chose to eat our cones outside in the warm sun which presented the challenge.  I was constantly having to tell him to lick here and lick there, all the while watching him try to enjoy every bite.  It got me to thinking about how that’s kinda like having a small business.   You have to do the accounting and inventory at the end of the month.  Whew, we made it.  Let’s enjoy the success of our business.   Oh, wait, got to handle payroll because it’s the end of the pay period.  Whew, almost forgot while trying to enjoy our success.  Good, got payroll done, so let’s enjoy some time off this weekend.   Oh wait, forgot that client meeting was on Monday and I’m not prepared.  Whew, got that done.   You get the idea.    Sometimes it’s hard to eat an ice cream cone outside because you are so focused on making sure you lick all the way around to keep things from getting too messy that you forget to savor the enjoyment of the dessert.  In the end, the treat was well worth the effort but, whew, what a ride it was to get to the end.  So exhausting, so much to do… but I’d do it again because I have a passion for spending time with my son … and for a little ice cream too. 

Maybe your marketing is one of the “drips” off the ice cream cone that you just can never catch in time.  You have a lot of ideas but no time to develop or even think about implementation.  Wish you had someone to come along side to tell you when the “drip” is coming on the back side of the cone that you can’t see because you’re too busy with the front side?   With the Marketing Twins from 1429 Creative, you can get that help with programs like the Star program or the practical, On-Call MD program.   These are great resources you should consider or else you’ll have a lap full of marketing “drips” that get kind of messy!!

-Donny – MarketingTwin #2