I love to read David Meerman Scott.  I read his books, check his blog regularly (via Google Reader), and I follow him on Twitter.  Regardless of your reaction to last week’s election results, in this article David offers some keen insights for small business owners . . . principles that are important for you to put into place right now.


My favorite observation from David is that we should “clearly and simply articulate what you want people to believe.”

From the beginning, Obama was about “change.” The word “change” was everywhere in his campaign, so much that the entire world knew what Obama stood for. I asked a group of 300 people in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia what was the one word they think of when I say Barack Obama and all in the room said “CHANGE”.

If you have any thoughts on what small biz can learn from Obama’s marketing campaign, share them in the comments.

But what about McCain, Huck, Edwards, Hillary, Mitt .  .  . did you notice anything from them that worked?  Obviously they weren’t the winners, but perhaps there are nuggets of brilliance across the board.  What did you notice?


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