Tuesday @ 2

Join us for Tuesday at 2!

This is an opportunity each week (2p CT) to hear how you can get on a path to marketing success . . . so you can do GREATER THINGS!  We have a few already signed up for May 13th, so will you join them?

THIS IS A FREE TELESEMINAR – only 30 minutes, so invest in your marketing success and register online today!

– Small business and independent business owners and entrepreneurs who aim to succeed!

– Pastoral leadership at churches who want to proclaim a message with excellence!

– Non-profit organizations who need a sound and systematic marketing approach to achieve the results you desire!


Tuesday @ 2

By the way, apparently Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week – so register today and make this coming Tuesday a productive day for YOU! Productive days lead to GREATER THINGS!

* Don’t forget the FREE small business marketing workshop this SATURDAY in Keller.

** Don’t miss the upcoming HUDDLE coaching group – we’re learning all about “Email Marketing” – a way for you to be in direct contact with previous customers (who you’d like to not only RETURN to do business with you, but also become referral partners for you as well) + you can learn how to reach those strong leads and prospects for less than $1 a day!