The Marketing Twins are launching a new series of conference calls called “DOUBLE TAKE LIVE BROADCAST.” We are scheduling one or two FREE conference calls each month with special guests who will talk about their business or organization and the role that faith plays in their lives. We anticipate it being an encouraging time for people who dwell in the marketplace to find strength to persevere and be a bright light of faith. Whether you are an entrepreneur, own your own business, work in a cubicle, or somewhere in between, please dial in to this FREE 45 minute conference call. You can dial in from your home, your office, or even on the road.

Our first call is Thursday, August 21, 2008 at NOON (CST). We are so thrilled that our first guest is Dr. Richard S. Lytle, Dean of the College of Business Administration at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. His topic is “Building a Distinctive Brand of Leadership with Power to Change What Really Matters.” This is going to be great! Dr. Lytle is a good friend and has been a mentor to the Marketing Twins since we were Marketing majors at ACU (we get to claim that we were in his very first marketing class at ACU!) Dr. Lytle leads COBA with intense Christian convictions and strong academic excellence and has been a favorite of COBA graduates for 18 years! We are blessed that he is taking a few minutes out of his busy schedule to share a word of encouragement for YOU. Won’t you join in and dial in from wherever you are? It’s FREE and only 45 minutes!


You’ll enjoy listening to what Dr. Lytle has to say about FAITH LEADERSHIP in the marketplace. Dial in and listen to Dr. Lytle share important principles important to anyone living out their faith day in and day out in the marketplace!

The call is FREE! Join us on Thursday, August 21 at Noon for the first DOUBLE TAKE LIVE BROADCAST!

You must register in order to obtain the dial-in # and passcode: REGISTER HERE

Randy & Donny Vaughn
The Marketing Twins at 1429 Creative