Aleshia Howe at Fort Worth Business Press breaks the news about Downtown Fort Worth’s new marketing campaign:

Downtown Fort Worth Marketing Campaign

“You Get IT When You Get Here”

IT” can be “appetITe” – “herITage” – or any other word having the letters “IT” in them . . .

Hmmm . . .

My initial thoughts:

– didn’t the Star-Telegram (through the creative forces of Launch) just employ this same marketing creative last year?  How long can we come up with words that have IT in them?  Seems to lack uniqueness.

– what’s with the ugly mediumspringgreen color?!!  Does that really capture the spirit of downtown?  I hardly think so.  Sorry guys, you blew that one.

– nice thought on the skyline nestled on the hat – but awfully hard to see when it’s small (like the thumbnail above) – if used large scale on outdoor signage, buses, billboards…well, maybe.  But small?  Just too busy.

– I kinda like the slogan without having to tie it to all the various IT‘s out there.

Hate to be so critical, but when we’re talking about our town, come on!  Abilene just went through this recently – wondering what the reaction will be here locally to this one?



* If they liked the color so much, thought I’d try it on.  What do you think?  🙂