Our dear friend Pat Riddle writes in her Star-Telegram column about the Celebration Dinner for Fort Worth Christian School. My wife is the Alumna of the Year! I’m so proud of her! She was presented the award last Friday night – it was great to hear her speak (as most people do, I love to listen to my wife speak!) We were surrounded by family and friends. It was alot of fun.

Our 3rd child goes in for tubes tomorrow morning, so no blog post tomorrow. Maybe I’ll try and post something over the next day or so. This is Round 2 for him – his first set was put in when he was only 3 months old!

I had a fun day commiserating with the other Marketing Twin, Donny, who joined the team full-time this week! We’ll be working this next week on getting a press release out about his new appointment. After 15 years with Sprint-Nextel, Donny joins our faith-based creative team as Solutions Director (I’m Creative Director). He’ll be doing account management, administrative/organizational tasks (which I’m not so good at doing) and of course his fair share of marketing coaching (he’s a visionary marketer so he sees the big picture for clients!) It’s a dream to be working alongside my brother! We‘re having so much fun already. Maybe we’ll get some blog posts out of him now. (hint to MT#2).

I also had a fun day delivering a finished product to a client – and he was very happy! Yes, I got paid, but more fun (honestly) was watching his reaction to the marketing projects we completed for him. Love that. (Now even better to hope for is that his happiness turns into referrals for us!)