Something’s going on now!

Last week, we got impassioned pleas from Joe (read it here) and Mike as well (read his letter here).

I guess with Father’s Day approaching, the heat is on . . . and some guys are feeling anxious about the gift they are about to receive. They’re crying out “Enough Already!” – just moments ago, a 3rd letter came in from Jerry at Similar to Joe and Mike, Jerry is pleading for help – stop the madness about powertools, golf and now Jerry’s dilemma. These men want something else for Father’s Day!

Can we just sit back and do nothing? Are we perpetuating the problem by assuming men want the same thing every year? Is it time to break out and get something better for Father’s Day? Only a few days left before Sunday . . . could it be possible that the men you know REALLY feel like Joe, Mike and Jerry . . . could they be pleading for something more . . . something DIFFERENT!

This year – be unique and help spread the word . . .

-The Marketing Twins