Community Enrichment Center

6250 N.E. Loop 820  N. Richland Hills, TX  76180-7842
(817) 281-1164


If you live in the northeast Tarrant County or North Fort Worth area, you are likely familiar with the impact of the Community Enrichment Center.  The CEC’s Food Pantry serves the working poor and homeless along with the disabled and the elderly in this area.  As The Marketing Twins at 1429 Creative do every quarter, we look for ways to impact our local community or the world by offering a percentage of our revenue to a cause that is important to us.

In a blog post several months, ago we wrote on the practice of charitable giving and small business:

“At 1429 Creative, the Marketing Twins refer to our stewardship vision as doing “GREATER THINGS”. On our stewardship page on our company’s site, we like to encourage small businesses to do such things in a variety of ways:

  • Sharing your success to impact your community and the world.
  • Rallying your team behind a passion greater than your organization itself.
  • Differentiating your organization by focusing on selfless acts of community service.
  • Generously giving back of your resources so others can move forward.

If you are genuine in your concern for the charities or causes that you support, I don’t think you need to worry about your customers thinking you are arrogantly bragging. We live in a generous nation (maybe not generous enough, but still, we’re by-and-large a giving culture when we see real needs). I believe when you act responsibly with what you have received, your customers and prospective customers will appreciate your willingness to use your resources to benefit others. Just don’t give to that end: don’t give to impress. Give out of your heart and a generous spirit and you will receive the proper recognition as a secondary benefit (the first benefit comes from giving and helping others). Tax deductions are another side benefit, but I would implore you to make sure that’s not your primary reason. You will not receive the true benefit and blessing of your giving if that is your primary motivation. Your generosity won’t inspire anyone and your customers will see right through it (authenticity speaks volumes!). Give to give. Give to participate more responsibly in your local community and the world. Doing GREATER THINGS is not equivalent to GETTING TAX DEDUCTIONS.”


We are encouraging you to consider offering a donation of money or food to the CEC.  The CEC Food Pantry works year-round to feed the hungry in our community.  But they are a significant resource during the upcoming holidays – yet according to our friends there, their stock of food is running low!  As a community, we can help those who help others.  During straining financial times, it’s easy to think personally about our 401k balance or always thinking about cutting expenses out of our small business budget.  But if you want to experience a rich blessing, consider this quarter (as hard as it may be) in rallying your small business to make a donation of money or food to the CEC.  Wouldn’t it be great if 100 small businesses in this area each donated $100 – that’s over $10K!  Either from your revenues, or as a charitable challenge among your employees/customers, couldn’t you make a $100 donation?

ACTION ITEM:  Either donate money or the next time you are at the store (again, challenge employees or your customers to participate as well), collect canned vegetables and macaroni and cheese (or other non-perishables).  You’ve heard “it is better to give than to receive” so take this opportunity and go some good – do greater things!