So you may have heard that this is the week that more men get vasectomies than any other week of the year.  From the title of the post, care to take a guess why?This very innovative group of docs up in the NW are capitalizing on a “PROBLEM” and offering a “SOLUTION”.  I heard Guy Kawasaki speak on “INNOVATION” (link here  . . . not the best presentation in the world, but some real nuggets worth listening to if you have an hour) – he makes a point that real innovation is when a product/service is “unique and of great value to a customer.”  I think these docs may have tapped into the challenge of making this oft-feared procedure a little more bearable.  If you’re going to be watching the beginning of the NCAA tournament anyway . . . or if you need a reason to do so, maybe they’ve given you a new thought!

If I do catch some games, no peas for me please.