Here are some great coaching tips regarding a simple 5-step process for creating fail-proof permission-based email marketing that will lead you on a road map to email marketing success! 

Step 1.  Start using permission-based email software such as iContact (the permission-based email system we love!) that allows you to easily create newsletters, automatically manage subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces, and view reporting statistics like opens and forwards.  iContact has whitelist agreements with major ISPs so clients can enjoy industry-leading deliverability (you won’t be viewed as sending spam!).

Step 2.  Decide on the type and frequency of email communication you will be sending. I recommend sending at least a monthly newsletter (at minimum!) but consider every 7-15 days if possible when sending relevant content to your subscribers.  You can even send multiple newsletters if you sell different types of products or formats.  Take us for example: We send out a “Marketing Twins Hightlight” bi-weekly and “A Word From the Marketing Twins” on the off weeks.  

Step 3.  Add a sign-up form to your website so you can start collecting subscribers and import any existing lists of subscribers that have already requested your communications. It is generally safe to import the names of anyone who has done business with you in the past year, provided you will be sending content relevant to what they purchased.  Make the sign-up form easy to find on your site and offer an incentive for people to sign up (like we do – you get a FREE REPORT!) as well.

Step 4.  Choose a good email template by using the templates provided within the email software, having your in-house team create one, or using the custom design services of the email software company. iContact provides over 300 design templates within the software that can be used free of charge.  In addition, the Marketing Twins can help you create your own banner to use in your template that includes your logo and basic contact information to give your emails a great, consistent look.  Let us know if we can help!

Step 5.  Develop quality, relevant content for your newsletter or message and send it out to your list. Continue sending your newsletters, announcements, or promotions with consistent frequency. As your list grows, you will notice increased traffic (and if applicable, increased sales) on the day of and the days following an email send.   That’s one of the benefits of using software like iContact – you can track and get great easy-to-read results!

So what are you waiting for – get started today!  If you are unsure about taking on this task yourself (or don’t have the time), we have affordable Email Marketing Packages where we come alongside to help you launch your email marketing!  Plus, right now, iContact  is even offering a 15% discount through the end of the month so now’s the time to take advantage.  Click here to start or contact us to get the emails going!


Stephanie Brown Trafton 2008 Beijing Olympics Stephanie Brown Trafton

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