Well, for now, we’ll wrap up the series on business blogging today. I hope you’ve seen a few examples of blogs in a variety of industries – be creative and adapt a blog to your business or ministry TODAY!
Blog Wild! - Andy Wibbels
In his 2006 book “BLOG WILD!: A Guide for Small Business Blogging” – Andy Wibbels shares some very practical reasons for blogging and frankly, a step-by-step guide in doing it. I picked up his book recently for less than $7 at Half Price Books and I’ve learned alot! A good investment. Wibbels, in one chapter, quotes from one web designer who suggests that blogs: (1) offer fresh content on a regular basis, (2) present an informal voice that visitors and prospect clients can respond to and resonate with, (3) blogs provide useful links. Wibbels goes on himself to suggest ways to us blogs in marketing and business:

1. Communicating with Your Team (internal blog)

2. Enrich your Clients’ Understanding of Your Business (educate)

3. Reach Out to Your Customer (build trust)

4. Build a Buzz – (generate excitement and attention – like free PR!)

5. Test Drive New Ideas (get feedback quickly)

6. Go Global (don’t be bound to local necessarily)

7. Create a Backdoor to the Press (exposure – again, free PR!)

8. Write Your Book (as an expert, you can preview your writings)

9. Highlight Success Stories (living testimonials give a voice to prospects)

10. Communicate in a Crisis (update news, products, changes quickly – without having to pay a web designer to do that on your static site)

OK here’s another post that could help if you haven’t started a blog (warning: the article was written 4 years ago so you may feel behind – and you should!). One last one if you have a blog but want to make it better. (These links go to a site that requires membership…they are good articles and the basic membership is FREE – so well worth it!)

Get blogging!