As an authorized Duct Tape Marketing coach, I enjoy getting to know other marketing Duct Tape Marketing coaches around the globe (currently there about 50 of us worldwide – I am one of 3 in the DFW area, and we are adding another DTM coach in Houston alongside another team in Austin). As Duct Tape Marketing coaches, we believe strongly in the foundation of Duct Tape Marketing for your small business. Defined by John Jantsch, creator & founder of Duct Tape Marketing, marketing is simply this:


How’s that for a marketing definition?! It’s alot more practical than alot of marketing textbooks and it speaks the most about the buyer-seller relationship than any definition I’ve ever seen. Sure people shop increasingly online, but when it comes to most small businesses, you will only succeed if you develop a TRUST relationship with your customers. And that takes time and intention.

I like this guy Scott who is well-known for his (go to his site to understand why anyone would do this – you can link to him under our “Marketing Blogs” in the right sidebar). This particular video is good because it talks about how customers make buying decisions – based on PEOPLE!

It is unlikely you will develop TRUST through one purchase, one sale. TRUST is bred over time and through intentionality. And it is primarily based on PEOPLE.

Is your marketing focused on PEOPLE?

Is it breeding TRUST between you and your favorite customers?



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