(This post is not from Randy, but rather the other MarketingTwin but I still approve this message! ~randy) 

Well, if you are a small business owner, today is a day that always sneaks up on you…. April 15th! Not only is it the deadline for most Americans to file their 2007 tax returns, but today is the deadline for all those small businesses owners to take a break from making money (having fun trying to turn a hobby into a profitable passion!) so they can time to make their first of 4 quarterly estimates for their 2008 return that is not due until in 2009! Yahooity!

So the Marketing Twins thought we could suspend some very professional talk about marketing to poke a little fun at the Tax Man that sneaks up on us each quarter. Hope you enjoyed this video and feel free to pass … it along to others who might enjoy a good laugh.  And as the pig says, “Cheese” everyone!  (pardon the “GodTube” watermark over the pigs face near the end)

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-Donny – MarketingTwin #2