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Our local team, the Dallas Stars fell to the opponent tonight, 4-1.  A blow-out, right?  Well, maybe, but considering the Dallas were down 3-0 in the series only to win 2 straight, it’s no wonder at game’s end, the crowd at the American Airlines Center here in Dallas was on its feet cheering.  For a win?  No.  For a loss??? No.  For a great effort.

Also today, Jon Lester of the Red Sox, is the first left-handed Sox pitcher to throw a no-hitter . . . in 52 years!!


Some days we go down in defeat.  Some days sales don’t get anywhere close to where they need to be to meet payroll (or that looming mortgage or college tuition payment!).  Some days are just hard.  Your brilliant ideas lay dormant, not because you haven’t put forth amazing effort – but because they just aren’t hitting a nerve with your customers.  They are somehow not resonating and bringing you the ROI you were hoping for.   Wouldn’t it be easier to just throw in the towel, go work for someone else (never-the-matter you might be miserable doing something you don’t want to do, all-the-while dreaming about your REAL dream that you gave up on) . . .??

Perhaps you’re down 3-2, or even 3-0!  Defeat stares you in the face.  If you lose on this day, know that the Marketing Twins stand to applaud you for a great fight!  We know the challenges of small business.  We know what it feels like to be pursuing a dream, only to find that the reality of net profit for the month seems to startle you out of that blissful vision about what you DREAM about!  Yes, we occasionally have an idea or two that seem awesome, only to find them fall flat.  (Of course, those are just ideas we try on ourselves – all of the ideas we offer our clients bring super fantastic great returns . . . uh . . .  🙂

Don’t give up!  Keep trying.  Maybe it’s not been 52 YEARS since you’ve hit it big, but maybe it’s been 52 long days!  Persevere friend!  Learn something new.  Try something new.  Try something old.  Pick one area and stick to it rather than trying to try a little bit of this and a little bit of that on the overwhelming marketing technique buffet.


Find inspiration in that you are not just in this for money, power, profits or yourself.  Truth be told, most of you are in it to do GREATER THINGS.  More time for charity.  More time with your families (you’re best friend works at a job 80 hours a week and never has time for his son’s Little League games, but that’s not for you!!)  More time to travel around the world helping people.  More money to give to local charities.  More money to give away to people in need.  More opportunity to give of yourself, your ideas and your talent so that others can advance alongside of you.  That’s GREATER THINGS!

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