OK – it’s Super Bowl Weekend and I’m going for the underdog, the Giants.

But to be honest, since the Cowboys fumbled and lost their chance, I’m more in this for the fun Super Bowl ads. When I lived in Africa, I didn’t always to get to see the Super Bowl live….and there was one time when someone videotaped the game and mailed it to another American friend who then passed it on to me. My friend (a non-marketing guy) said to me, “Here’s the Super Bowl….I had my Mom press pause each time it was a commercial so I could just watch the game straight through.” WHAT???!!! A Super Bowl without the ads?????? It wasn’t near as much fun.

I hope to have by Monday or Tuesday a good ranking of the ads. It’s not very useful for small businesses (since most of don’t have million dollar ad budgets), but the creativity is fun to watch (well, sometimes…..you’d think for that much money EVERY ad would be a homerun….but it just doesn’t happen).

Have a great Super Bowl day….