It’s about an advertising campaign being run in the Czech Republic – but the family in the ad didn’t know they were going to be international stars! As they acknowledge, be sure your images posted online are of low-resolution (only high res photos could be used in large billboards like this one) and/or they are posted with a watermark.


Here’s an interesting marketing tactic – dropping wallets around town!


Have you played McDonald’s SharkBait online game?

Marketing Strength Training

Finally, we consider this pretty unbelievable, too!  In the marketing industry, how many other marketing consulting and coaching firms are giving you 2 hours of marketing coaching, email access, a 90-min phone consultation and bi-weekly accountability – all for only $49!

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VIRAL MARKETING:  How would you like to co-author the next Blue Like Jazz with Donald Miller?  I may have beat you to it!