We Create Marketing Solutions So You Can Do GREATER THINGS!

We’ve written and spoken many times about charitable giving and how it intimately relates to the heart of a small business.  Here are a few samples:



Also, as a Duct Tape Marketing authorized coach, I have had the privilege being asked to write for AMEX’s OPEN FORUM – here’s an article I shared in that venue on how your charitable giving strategy relates to your marketing.

We can help coach and train you all about marketing.  We are confident that if you follow the best marketing principles (we like basing alot of our teaching on Duct Tape Marketing), you will see success.  However, there’s more to it than just success.  We believe strongly that as a small business, you have an obligation to steward the opportunity given to you.  You have the opportunity make an impact in your local community and around the world.  With your employees, you can take your successful marketing and be a blessing to those on your team who work day-in-and-day-out for the same vision.  Perhaps you can serve together as a team and donate your time or resources to a charitable organization.  If done with sincerity, few things can rally a team together as selflessly giving back (alot more effective than a ropes course!)  Perhaps you want to succeed so you can enjoy the opportunity to impact more people in your community or around the world.  Donate money.  Give of your time.  Whatever your charitable cause is, make sure you participate with authenticity.  No one wants to join you in your fake philanthropy.

Donny and I pledged when we started that doing GREATER THINGS was important to our business.  Although not easy to do (it’s an intentional decision), we give our time and resources to organizations making an impact here in North Fort Worth and around the world.  We spend some of our vacation time as well doing just that.

In that light, Donny will be holding down the fort for the next 2 weeks as I travel back to Africa where my family once lived as missionaries.  I look forward to the opportunity to revisit our work and see many old friends.

Work doesn’t stop on this end, though, so contact Donny if you need assistance or wish to talk about specific marketing projects.