Church Communication & Marketing Strategy

Church Communication & Marketing Strategy
Coaching Call with The Marketing Twins

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TOPIC:  “Do You Have a Ministry Web Strategy?”

Date:  Thursday, June 18th
Time:  1:00 PM CST
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We’ll also engage in a LIVE chat via the DISCUSSION BOARD on the EVENT PAGE on Facebook!

During the 45 min call, we will explore the answer to the following questions:

  • Is your website simply a brochure online?  Is it a photocopy of your Sunday morning bulletin?
  • Does your website offer an inviting place for visitors to come and hear a representative sample of who you are (without forcing them to sit through entire sermons)?
  • Does your staff blog or have any personal interaction with the outside world?
  • Does your website resemble the coffee shop atmosphere (conversational), or the bulletin board inside the coffee shop (informational)?
  • Do you have a web strategy at all?  Who is responsible for that?  The pastor?  The web guy?  The volunteer committee?
  • When you don’t have the full-time staff to keep it up-to-date, how you coordinate a volunteer effort that still permits you to engage in a systematic and cohesive web marketing strategy?


So if you are in the process of a web re-design, or you are putting together your very first one, don’t do anything else until you register and attend the June 18th LIVE broadcast of Church Communication and Marketing Strategy!


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Much of the call will be in listen-only format, which will mean that the HOSTS of the call will be talking, but all the PARTICIPANTS dialing in will not be heard – thus eliminating background noise.  This allows everyone to LISTEN to the entire call without compromising audio quality or being distracted by others who are walking outside, calling in from a cell phone in the car, at the drive-thru at Starbucks, or hearing your phone ring.  This will also allow us to make a quality recording of the call as well.  So if you are worrying about small kids in the car making too much noise, or if you’d like to be multi-tasking in your office with music playing – you can still LISTEN IN!


If you would like to hear the recording from our FREE preview call on 5/21, DOWNLOAD IT HERE (appx 1 hr in length)


If you want to hear the broadcast from 6/4, DOWNLOAD IT HERE (appx 1 hr)


We will never sell or give away your email address – that’s our promise! We will only communicate with you about this and future marketing coaching opportunities and information.