At 1429, we love creating.  Creating ideas that result in solutions for you.Do you own your business and feel the weight of all the marketing you need to be doing but don’t have the time?Are you an individual launching a new product or service but feel overwhelmed?Are you a non-profit (with limited resources) seeking creative ways to proclaim your message of hope and transformation?Large ad agencies cost a fortune.  Graphic artists may not fully understand your overall marketing message.  And some salespeople are simply trying to coerce you to advertise in their publication, but does it really produce the results they promise?At 1429, we are informal and easy to talk with. We value the relationships with our clients. We are not know-it-all consultants, but come-alongside coaches. We listen to your needs, and yes, even your ideas (not many in our profession do that!) We blend our creative expertise with your input and begin to create solutions together!