20 years ago on April 16th, the world was introduced to this unique comic strip.  Perhaps never before had the world witnessed one guy interact so openly about his workplace . . . something that resonates with the large majority of our population.  His frustrations, the crazy antics of co-workers, and the oddities of his employers rang true for many.  Dilbert has made us laugh all these years because we see in Dilbert’s mundanity something that resonates with everyone.

Almost two decades later comes “The Office” – a Thursday night NBC hit that epitomizes the workplace with such humor and exaggeration (well, gosh, let’s hope most offices are not like that!) – somehow making every employee out there feel better about his workplace!  Plus it offers a host of YouTube clips that employees have circulated around the internet with a likely simple message about someone in their workplace, “Does this remind you of anyone?”  The recipients cackle and all know who you are talking about.

Happy Anniversary Dilbert!  (read FastCompany’s article here)