Marketing Promo-NRH Library

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If you are a small business owner, a rising entrepreneur, or you help manage the marketing in your company, what do you really know about social media? Sure, you know what Facebook is.  Sure, you’ve heard of Twitter and maybe even tweeted a few times (or perhaps you have never tried it at all).

The term social media is bantered around alot by businesses trying to capture the power of this fast-paced, ever-changing online communication culture.

What do you really know about social media?

This Thursday night, 7/9, at 7pm at the NRH Library community room, the Marketing Twins will present once again a FREE marketing workshop for area businesses and entrepreneurs.  The topic is all about social media:  how to use blogs, Twitter and Facebook in marketing your business.  But even more comprehensively than that, we look at how to determine a strategy for ALL of the various components including podcasting, YouTube, Flickr, online press releases, online article marketing, etc…

No registration is required.  No fee.

We’ll be there to help coach you so that you can tap into this powerful world of online communication and marketing.  We’ll be available for Q&A as well.

-Randy & Donny