twainingcamplogoYou are hearing all about it – Twitter. What is it? How does it work? What is a hashtag? What is my handle?  What is a retweet? Should I be on Twitter?

So many questions but where are the answers? Well, today we are launching our registration for Twitter Twaining Camp to help answer all of these questions and then some about Twitter. With NFL Training Camps getting underway, we felt it was appropriate to have our own training camp on the topic of Twitter.  We have set aside 3 different dates and times in August. We will even conduct them in a webinar format so you can do this right from the comfort of your home or office.

Social media can play such a big role in an organization or business these days. But if you don’t understand how the tools operate, then you are simply not able to establish a strong social media strategy. We believe a strategy is critical but you have to understand what you are doing first! And that’s where Twitter Twaining Camp comes in.

Ok, the time is now … time to get geared up to attend Twitter Twaining Camp.  It’s only $40 and will help bring you up-to-speed on one of the fastest growing social networking sites out there.

Learn more and register now!