First of all, thank you to my friend and fellow marketing coach, Varju! She helped determine how to get this WordPress blog to accept comments….this has been a stress of mine this past week and I’m so thankful she lend a hand to help!! If you’ve come here before and not been able to comment, forgive me…but now you are free to start letting me know what you think about each post! I really desire that this be a venue for small business (or anyone who leads in the marketing efforts of a small or mid-size organization…business, non-profit, church, etc…) I want it to be a place where we share ideas and learn from one another. This is your place for small business marketing resources!!


Speaking of resources, I wanted to share with you this little tool…perhaps you have already heard of it. JOTT. It’s a unique tool for all of us multi-taskers who still tend to get a piece of paper to write…uh…JOTT down important notes to ourselves. Or for those of you (uh…myself included) who text ourselves or others with short reminders or to-do items…EVEN WHILE DRIVING! It’s a practical tool for small business and independent business owners (who have a million things on your plate already!!) that allows you to dial a toll-free number and jott yourself (or someone else you have set up on your contact list) and leave a text message or email (or both). The recipient, if receiving an email, will receive a transcribed message from what you jotted down on your telephone message. And according this the article I read in our local Fort Worth Star-Telegram yesterday, they say that it’s not some computer transcribing your message but actual people! So the message comes to your recipient with a fair degree of accuracy (you can and should spell out proper names or difficult-sounding words or names).

You could Jott yourself (“don’t forget John’s employment anniversary date tomorrow”), your assistant (“Can you email Tom and ask him if he is available for a lunch meeting tomorrow?”), your employees..yes a group (“hey guys, just got news that we got the Robertson account!!! Let’s gather at 4p to hear more and celebrate!”), or even your wife (“hey honey…can we….” well, I’ll let you fill in that little romantic Jott this Valentines Week!)

Pretty cool, huh!

Right now, Jott ( is totally FREE so you can start using in less than 10 minutes. Someday they will likely charge for this, but use it while it’s FREE…yes, FREE! And it will FREE you up to do more important things…like driving with BOTH hands!

Jott yourself today!!


To read what a small business marketing guru says about Jott, go here!