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Had a great conversation with a client about our church and the need to employ creative marketing efforts AS PART of the overall effort to reach our community and to even promote activities and ministries within the congregation (which just happens to be 4000+ members!)

I have a GOOGLE NEWS alert for “church marketing” (I love hearing other people’s thoughts on the subject) because I feel it is a part of my company’s strategy. We are believers and want to see church marketing add to the church’s effectiveness in reaching the community. We never would want to think it is the only part. But it can break down walls, educate, encourage and even make an activity or even so inviting that people are compelled to attend.

Certainly with Easter a few days away, many churches are ramping up their communication efforts. We can always do more and do it better.

Daniel at his Random Platypus blog shares some great insights.

Jay shares a story of how one church missed the boat completely. Sometimes we miss the trees for the forest.

*UPDATE* – Elephants for EasterChurch by the Glades is going to have Judy, a 9,000 pound Indian elephant, at their services this Easter Sunday to promote a message on what? Denial (clever, huh!). Thanks to CMS for this lead.

*UPDATE2* – Get Jesus into Your WiiCome Follow Mii ! This ain’t like the church I grew up in!

Jesus: Come Follow Mii

– Randy

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