Unscrewmylife.com - HOPE Church

I was returning from visiting a client yesterday (I really love having a mobile office!) I just about ran off the road trying to jot down the web address advertised on this billboard (I’m sure they probably hoped I would memorize it, but with so much on my plate, I don’t trust my memory . . . for this I do use Jott to help).I love this style of creative marketing, but you rarely see it churches. Most churches do nothing in terms of advertising. Some churches are improving their visual communication design. But few employ creative arresting marketing strategies like this. I know I’m a sucker for good marketing strategies, but I find it hard to believe that this church won’t get a million hits to their website from “normal” people (that’s calling me “abnormal”!) I spend alot of my day on the internet, researching innovative marketing strategies that will help you, reading small business marketing success stories to share here, and following up on intriguing websites like this for UnscrewMyLife.com.

As you get into this posted site, you can eventually link to their church website which gives more detail behind the people hoping to bring hope to this city. You gotta click on “ScrewyStuff” and see the hiliarious video trailers.

Great job HOPE Church in Fort Worth – great church marketing!