Just a few hours ago, I was a part of something fascinating.  I was watching buddy Chris Forbes of MinistryMarketingCoach.com talk with a San Francisco radio station about Facebook for Pastors.


Yes, I was watching Chris and his co-hort, Jeff Wilson, the Communication and Innovations Pastor at Henderson Hills Baptist Church (wow what a title for a church!  Alot of you in small biz need to consider having staff dedicated to such efforts).  It was a great conversation about using the amazing tools and technologies of today to reach people.   Here’s how the different media tools made it happen:

1.  I heard about the LIVE event because I saw Chris tweet about the event – @cforbesoklahoma 

2.  I went to Chris’ Facebook page to learn more and saw that they were also streaming live video via Mogulus.

3.  So we listened live to the streaming audo on the radio station, but then I just ended up watching Jeff and Chris on Jeff’s Mogulus channel – it was much more fun than just listening to the radio!

4.  On Jeff’s Mogulus channel, I was able to chat live with Chris, Jeff and a bunch of others who joined the online chat about the topic – cool to connect and build community with a number of new people.  We exchanged Facebook and Twitter addresses.

Yes, I am fascinated by the technology.  But more than that, I am thrilled at the way technology affords connection, content and community.  I learned new things tonight about using Facebook and Twitter and even Texting to communicate with more people.  But rather than a one-sided lecture, I enjoyed not only seeing Chris and Jeff LIVE (for those who still need to at least to know the face of the person they are connecting with over the internet  . . . more than a profile pic!), but I loved connecting with other like-minded people in the chat area.

Sharing.  Exchanging ideas.  Learning.  Growing.  Meeting.

That’s how community becomes real . . .