Christian business social media marketing coaching
Our agency can help your business discover the potential of social media. We have created various ways in which we might assist you:

  • Virtual Coaching – Level 1 (2 Hours – $300)
    • If you are new to social media, Donny will walk you through immediately practical strategies on using social media. You’ll learn the answer to the common question, “what do I post on social media?” and you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how you can personalize social media for your organization.


  • Virtual Coaching – Level 2 (6 Hours – $795)
    • A complimentary audit of your social media presence
    • You will receive everything listed in Level 1 above including 4 additional hours of social media coaching
    • Exclusive access to our VIP group, an online private forum where we answer all your questions about using social media.


  • Total Online Presence ($1397)  – Your online presence is your key to success no matter what your business sells. The key is to build a Total Online Presence, much like you would a tall, sturdy building, by constructing floor by floor in specific order or in stages. Your stages may differ just a bit based on where you are today and you’ll surely come back and revisit, add on and revamp each stage as you grow, but the following program is the surest way to view your online marketing as a system.     Working with Randy Vaughn, a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, you are guided through the essential stages of the Total Online Presence program which outlines the core components, giving you specific details that must be considered as you build your own presence.

The Total Online Presence Program contains 8 live training sessions:

      • Session 1: Content Platform – Covers the foundation of your online presence
      • Session 2: Content Platform (cont’d) – Launching and implementing your content platform
      • Session 3: Organic SEO – Covers how to get listed and ranked highly in the search engines
      • Session 4: Email Marketing – Essential tasks and techniques of email marketing
      • Session 5: Social Media Marketing – Integrates the important elements of social media
      • Session 6: Online Advertising – Covers the ins and outs of online advertising
      • Session 7: Mobile and Analytics – Covers mobile tools and the basics of analytics
      • Session 8: Re-Workshop – a follow-up visit to monitor progress and determine future action steps/plans

The Total Online Presence course could be your perfect solution for creating your Total Online Presence  to the next level.  Click to download more information!

  • Workshops ($2000)
    • On-site (at your business or at a pre-determined conference area with access to Wi-Fi and projector).
    • 9:00-4:00 (with a working lunch) affords you and your staff a full day of examining your social media strategy and implementation plan
    • 1/2 day workshops are available (fee negotiable)

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