Normally, The Marketing Twins are just not big UT fans.  But hey, we’ll cheer for them in a Bowl Game!  Congratulations on a fantastic win and what will surely be an ESPN Classic, a 24-21 victory over Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl.  What a great comeback led by Colt McCoy!

We grew up in a small West Texas town of a few thousand people, so we love Colt McCoy’s story of coming from Tuscola, TX (Pop: 700 appx).  His faith is strong and he carries on a legacy of strong athletic ability and solid foundation in the Lord (his Dad played for ACU, our alma mater).   For a 9 min tribute to a young man of strong character, watch this Heisman Trophy segment about Colt McCoy.

On a side note, I went looking at UT’s website to capture some pics – just went to their home page and found this just hours after the Longhorns won the Fiesta Bowl!


NOTHING! – you had to search and search and search to find information about ATHLETICS and then finally get to a one page mention.  Seems the webmaster was too busy focusing on what the UNIVERSITY wanted people to find out about UT, and not what PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS would be looking for when they arrived.  They want to see pics and stories about the Longhorn players!  College Bowl games are incredible recruiting opportunities and a brilliant showcase for the UT brand, but what a disappointment that the UT home page did not reflect even one mention of them even in the Bowl Game, much less a win.    Sorry guys, messed that one up!