5-Week Small Business Marketing Group Coaching Program

(looking for up to 5 small businesses to join)

We are committed to helping small businesses with growing their business. It’s that simple. We believe that a good marketing strategy increases the number of customers and increase your profits!

We are launching a 5-Week Summer Marketing Group Coaching program to help grow your business during these summer months and beyond. We are looking for at least 5 small businesses to join us during these5 weeks.



(The 1st week’s session will be scheduled during the week of August 1st)

1st week: INDIVIDUAL SESSION – You will receive an individual telephone consultation with one of our coaches. While also offering an orientation to the 5-week program, you will the opportunity on discuss with a coach your greatest marketing challenges. You will leave with some immediate action steps, including customized counsel on how to receive the optimal experience thought the entire program.

[Weeks 2-4 will meet in a virtual group environment on Wednesdays at NOON CDT, even if you are on vacation! Each session will conclude with action steps.
You will share your results with your coach prior to the next week’s session.]

2nd week (Aug 10): You will learn how to clearly how to Identify your ideal customer. You will how this will guide your marketing resources (time and money) and help you make smarter marketing choices. We will also learn the importance of differentiation. This is a critical area of marketing that your competitors are likely overlooking. Your business’ branding has two critical elements: your visual identity and your brand’s message. You will learn the components of each and how to communicate a targeted message that resonates with your ideal customers. This applies to traditional marketing (like print ads and direct mail) as well as social media communication.

3rd week (Aug 17): Defining the full customer experience is critical to knowing how to guide a potential customer though the lead generation process, nurturing that customer to conversion and ultimately creating a customer that repeats and refers. This is where the group offers beneficial brainstorm ideas on a variety of touch points to optimize the experience of your customers so they will tell their friends about you!

4th week (Aug 24): In our contemporary communication culture, your website and social media presence must be more than static, stale or strategy-less. You will collaborate with the other businesses in the group to create an online marketing strategy that targets your ideal customers and moves them toward conversion. We will help you prioritize the social media channels best suited to reach your customers. We will discuss the best tools to reach your audience (such as email marketing) as well discussing the tools that will help you be most effective on social media (these are tools that we use and advocate to make you work smarter and more effectively).

5th week: INDIVIDUAL SESSION as we wrap up the group sessions, we know it is important to speak with you one-on-one (either in person or via the phone) to discuss your progress, results and action steps going forward. While some will want to conduct this consult the week after the group session concludes (the last week in August 2016), you will have the option to schedule the consult at a later time within 3 months if you need more time to work on your action steps.


We believe we have priced this group marketing program to be affordable and beneficial to your marketing budget. Here’s how the pricing works:

– 1st payment: $350 (due by July 28, 2016)

– 2nd payment: $250 (due by August 25, 2016)

– 3rd payment: $350 (not due until 1st Quarter 2017 – you decide the date between January-March)*

These payments can be made by check or we can send you a PayPal link to process the payment online (no additional fee) – simply your choice.

But there’s a catch … (yeah right, isn’t there always a catch?)  However, this “catch” is definitely geared to your complete satisfaction. Here’s what we mean. The third payment is contingent on your satisfaction of the marketing program’s success. If you feel the marketing coaching you received through this program has not been beneficial to your business by the end of 2016, we would simply ask for a phone call to discuss the situation with you. After that call, if you still feel the coaching was not beneficial, you will not be responsible for the third and final payment due sometime during 1Q17.

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