Don't Let the Sizzle Fizzle!

I’m in the process of formulating these thoughts into an upcoming AMEX OPEN FORUM article for May, so I wanted to give you a preview.

When someone inquires about your product or service, how well do you follow-up with them? When someone has a great experience with you or your product, how do you capture their testimonial? For years, you have likely heard “Don’t Sell the Steak, But Sell the Sizzle” (click on the link to the left to read more!). The sizzle represents that which makes your prospective customer shout, “I Want What You’re Selling!” It’s not the financial planning seminar, it’s the thrill of being debt-free! It’s not the new brakes you need, but the peace of mind you need as you are thinking about your road trip to Destin this summer!

So when people are highest on your product or service, don’t let then enthusiasm (or at a minimum, a peaked interest) wane – don’t let the sizzle fizzle!

  • Listen to the 4 min audio above to learn more about the 2 areas where you can transform the way you are communicating with your prospects and customers! (After the recording, you can go HERE and HERE for more examples).