We have spoken to many of you at various venues in the DFW area – and hopefully you are considering joining our upcoming marketing coaching program that begins 4/28!

We limit participation to 10 participants so that the group discussion can be both relevant but also agreeable for everyone (ever tried conducting a small group meeting with more than 20 people???) So are you going to be one of the 10? Or just let your competition win again?

Join us for 4 sessions that begin Tuesday, April 28th at NOON CST. We’ll be on conference call for the first session and perhaps a live interactive webinar for some of the other sessions. You’ll learn:

  • how to implement a systematic and comprehensive marketing system that is SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE!
  • where all this social media craze came from and why it’s important to understand it!
  • how to make THOUSANDS of $$$$$ on Facebook – we’ve done it, so can you!