Randy Vaughn - Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach

As an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach, I enjoy coaching clients in their marketing strategy, creating marketing plans, and helping them take control of their marketing by following a simple, practical and effective systematic approach! At 1429, we consider the DTM system as a foundation for what we do, how we coach our clients – the tools, tips, innovations, and practical systems make the Duct Tape Marketing brand our choice for marketing.

As you’ll see on this blog, we love to make note when the Duct Tape Marketing national brand makes news – and it does pretty often. John Jantsch, DTM’s creator and founder, is a dynamic individual that has helped thousands of small business owners and works tirelessly to strengthen the network of Duct Tape Marketing coaches (I enjoy being a part of a great network of coaches worldwide). Duct Tape Marketing has been recognized by Harvard Business Review and by Forbes magazine. John Jantsch writes a periodic article for Entrepreneur magazine as well. Now, the NY Times goes to John Jantsch when they want to hear an industry expert talk about the power of referral marketing in small business. Thought you’d enjoy reading it this weekend!