If you missed it, local North Texas hero Melissa Lawson won NBC’s “Nashville Star” last night – she’s 32-year old mother of 5 boys and lives in Arlington. Congratulations on a great success story! And it’s always the full story that makes it an inspirational story!


And don’t miss the upcoming MARKETING COACHING EXCELLENCE series with Stephen M.R. Covey – son of the well-known author of “7 Steps to Highly Effective People” – it’s a FREE call. Check back FRIDAY for details on how to register!


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Finally, as John Jantsch typically does, we are introduced to “How To Use Twitter for Business.” John creates this FREE eBook and you can go his blog and download it. It’s very simple to understand and I think you can get some pretty good ideas there.

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How have you used Twitter? Is it working for you? Please share any ideas so that others (including myself) can learn how to use this powerful social networking tool.