David Meerman Scott, of recent popularity in “New Rules of Marketing & PR“, wrote a blog post making 10 suggestions for Century 21 Realtors – how to engage in the “New Rules” of marketing and PR.

Surprisingly, though not because they are the “New Rules”, within a very short period of time (less than a week), the #6 Google Search Ranking for “Century 21 Real Estate” is David’s blog post about them (see for yourself – click on the link to the left)!  That’s the power of the blog….and as David points out, he is just ONE blogger mentioning C21’s name!  What might happen if the thousands of Century 21 realtors were to start blogging – talk about a great ROI!

To visit the 2 articles, go here first and then here.

The “New Rules” do work – we advocate with our clients all the time to start blogging.  It’s a great way to share a personality with your prospects and customers; on your traditional “website” you often just talk about products and services offered (yawn!)  Blogging is a great way to introduce yourself (values, opinions – things that attract people to you) – but it’s got even greater potential.

Blogging is one of the most proven (and affordable) ways to improve Search Engine Optimization!  SEO rankings are critical for most any business nowadays – why not take advantage and get to working on getting those top search results!


Don’t forget that our friend and fellow Duct Tape Marketing coach, Ken Partain, is ready to see you GET TOP SEARCH RESULTS – he is your key for small business search enginge optimization!

If you need help getting started on a blog, we can help.  Or if you have ideas but need someone to handle the content management (getting your ideas posted to a blog each time), we can help with that as well.  We have clients that we set up a unique telephone number and they simply experience “mobile blogging”!  We listen to their “audio post” (recorded like a voicemail message – up to 5 minutes), and simply transcribe their blog ideas for them.  It’s a great tool for those who are simply too busy to blog themselves (or perhaps challenged by the complexities of WordPress blogs).  Get in touch with us and we can help!

-Randy, themarketingtwins@1429creative.com