DUCT TAPE MARKETING - 7 Steps to Marketing Success!

Marketing your small business or non-profit organization is not as complicated as it may seem.  “Simple, effective, and affordable” is the mantra of Duct Tape Marketing!  As Fort Worth’s only Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach, I am ready to coach you through this proven, systematic marketing program.  Typically it takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks depending on your schedule.

Recently I shared a series of blog posts about the 7 Steps to Marketing Success.   In case you missed it (or need them all in place), here they are:

Step 1: Narrow Your Market Focus

Step 2: Communicate Your Difference

Step 3: Packaging Your Product

Step 4: Create Marketing Materials that Educate

Step 5: Advertising, Referrals and PR: Your Lead Generation Trio!

Step 6: Website that works 24/7 – Email Marketing

Step 7: Live by a calendar – Manage your brand!

Donny and I stand behind the quality of the Duct Tape Marketing systematic approach to marketing.  Every time a client looks into it, they get it.  They understand this system will really transform the way they do marketing!  As marketing coaches, we are always available to stand alongside you and coach you through the steps. Contact us and let us put together a marketing coaching package that will enable you to launch a more effective marketing strategy!
Fort Worth’s Only Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach
– Randy Vaughn – Fort Worth’s Only DUCT TAPE MARKETING Authorized Coach