OK, I finally get to use this picture. It’s kind of cheesy, but when you are at an exclusive training event with only 15 other licensed Duct Tape Marketing coaches, you’ve got to have your picture taken with a marketing guru! John Jantsch is the founder of Duct Tape Marketing. When we started our company and wanted to coach and train people in their marketing efforts, I could have re-invented the wheel. But when I read John’s DTM book, I thought “this is perfect for small businesses wanting to implement a systematic approach to marketing!” Like a good roll of duct tape, this system is practical, affordable and simple to use. And like John says about it in comparison to the favorite resource in everyone’s tool chest (duct tape), “it works every time you use it!” (somewhere out from the flat landscape of West Texas, my Dad is shouting “Amen!!” – man, that man knows how to use duct tape on everything!)

Don’t stretch the duct tape analogy so far you lose the meaning. I met a guy once who said, “well, isn’t duct tape just a temporary fix?” And another said, “but I don’t like to use duct tape, I prefer silicon glue.” OK – enough! The idea is NOT to focus so much on stretching the metaphor to apply in every situation. It’s designed as a way to make the brand memorable and to relate the systematic marketing approach to something alot of people use already in their everyday lives. If you read Seth Godin’s book, “The Purple Cow”, you’ll hear him refer to the purple cow a few times in the beginning. It helps grab your attention and make you want to ask more about it. But Seth talks about what the image of a purple cow represents, and that’s standing out as remarkable! After the first chapter, he rarely even mentions cows of any color! But it makes a point! John’s book and any of the Duct Tape Marketing resources do not consistently reference duct tape or perpetuate some sort of cheesy toolbox metaphor. The name goes only so far and gets you to see that just like duct tape is simple, practical and affordable (and really works in almost every situation!), this systematic approach will do the same (it’s simple to employ, practical and not just theory, and it’s affordable for small businesses)!

For more on Duct Tape Marketing, go to the official DTM site or to John’s blog. You’ll learn alot! There’s alot of similar marketing approaches out there, but if you were to GOOGLE “what is the best marketing system for small business?” – I think you’ll find that Duct Tape Marketing is one of the world’s most popular solutions for small business owners (see Google results here if you don’t want to type it in yourself). John also writes a regular feature article for as well.

I am Fort Worth’s only Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach. I am one of only 3 in the entire DFW area, so if you are looking for someone to help coach you through the world’s most practical small business marketing system, contact me! Along with Donny, we are a faith-based creative team working with small businesses, non-profits, churches, startups, independent business owners – anyone who is trying to communicate to people about their product, service and message. The Marketing Twins at 1429 Creative offer a variety of training courses (some FREE and some low-fee) and can tailor make a coaching program designed around your budget and your needs!

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation if you’d like to hear more about how we can help you develop a stronger and more effective marketing strategy for your organization. One of our favorite experiences is to sit down with clients who want to have us help them assess their past and current marketing initiatives (or lack thereof), and help guide them to a plan of marketing priorities that will bring them greater web exposure, more substantial leads, and relieve them of the constant hit-or-miss marketing strategy so often employed by small businesses. Especially if you are a Kingdom-minded business and want to do GREATER THINGS with what you’ve been given, please contact us to find out how we can help you do GREATER THINGS!


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– Randy, Fort Worth’s only Licensed and Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach

Randy Vaughn - Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach

PS – This week at, we’re gonna spend sometime highlighting our GREATER THINGS initiatives. We hope you don’t consider it braggadocious – we feel we have a stewardship responsibility with what we have been given. We will also hopefully have time to not just tell about what we are doing to give back, but highlight other businesses and organizations who have similar ideas about giving back to the community and to our world. We hope to use these posts as a way to inspire you to do GREATER THINGS and to show you how you can help us do GREATER THINGS!

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