Whole Foods Market

For all you Foodies (is this really what they call food aficionados?), good news! No more driving to Arlington or to the many locations in Dallas . . . Fort Worth Business Press announces that WFM will begin construction on a new Fort Worth location . . . uh . . . in 2010 or beyond. Apparently road construction must be completed before the new store can begin in Southwest Fort Worth.

Here’s an article (several years old) that outlines 10 Winning Ways of WFM. As a spoiler, I’ll give you #5:

Through extraordinary customer service and exceptional customer experiences, WFM believes it can turn its shoppers into brand ambassadors who will voluntarily extol the virtues of WFM to their friends and family. So instead of using traditional advertising vehicles, WFM uses the influential power of customers as the advertising vehicle.

Brand ambassadors. Who is speaking on behalf of your brand, product or service?


– What other brands out there have loyal brand ambassadors?

– Are you one for a product/service/brand?

If we heard from a few people, maybe we could examine the common characteristics in brand ambassadors – that could help everyone in small business, couldn’t it?!


* WFM also makes #5 in this list. Maybe they’re doing some things right. Others often try to mimic WFM – but as Brand Autopsy’s John Moore points out,

Competitors can replicate products and programs but they can’t replicate people. . . .Products and programs do not create brands, people create brands. It’s the people that matter more in creating a brand than do products or programs.

Once again, in light of John’s statement, are people trying to replicate what you have to offer? If they are replicating your product, are you making it SO GOOD, SO UNIQUE, SO DIFFERENT that no one can? If not, then you must be confident that you have the best PEOPLE who deliver the product or perform the service. If you are not so sure about that one either, I’d consider shutting your doors now and saving the embarrassment of going under later. You’ll never make it in this market.

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