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Step 1: Narrow Your Market Focus
In this series, we are exploring essential ways to achieve marketing success.  This series is based on the extremely popular Duct Tape Marketing systematic approach to marketing.

Step 2: Communicate Your Difference

One of my favorite exercises I learned from John Jantsch, author of the best marketing blog, was to test your marketing materials for “sameness.”  For example, peruse the local paper or go online to a shoe shop.  What are often the 3 most popular headlines they claim?

We have the best prices in town.

We have the best quality in town.

We offer the friendliest customer service in town.

You see the problem.  If 2 shoe stores in town are offering virtually the same shoes, how’s a customer to choose?  What would it mean if Store #2 decided to change their website or ad next week to read:

We offer FREE polish on any men’s dress shoes ANY time you need it!

We are the only shoe store in town to sell the popular FOOTRITE brand of shoes! 

We offer 10% discounts to all teachers in the Heelwood ISD!

These distinctions are not random.  Go back to Step 1 (Narrow Your Market Focus) and make sure your unique offerings appeal to your target market(s).  Another tool of communicating your uniqueness tailored to your target market is to work on your “talking logo.”  I’ll let fellow Duct Tape Marketing coach Jeff Paro tell you about this! This takes some work but when you have just a few seconds, this helps you articulate your differences right away.


For a more thorough discussion of how to beat the competition by differentiating yourself, read what I wrote a few months ago on this very subject.  I also looked at other ways in which you can stand out in a crowd by offering a few distinct differences.

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Step 1: Narrow Your Market Focus

Step 2: Communicate Your Difference

Step 3: Packaging Your Product