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Step 1: Narrow Your Market Focus

Step 2: Communicate Your Difference

Step 3: Packaging Your Product

There are two elements to consider when you are dealing with packaging in your marketing system.  The most obvious is whether your bottle of shampoo is white or blue, nor is it about whether you call yourselves Joe’s Plumbing or Joe’s Household Services.

It is important to determine the color, shape, or size of your packaging.  In light of Step 2 on differentiation, if your product is competing on the store shelf, at the trade show display, or competing online just a click away from a competitor, the packaging is critical.  As we know, we often are vying for our customer’s attention on the spot!  Here’s an article that offers 10 ideas for closing the impulse sale.

But another important aspect of packaging that is often overlooked , especially by those of you who don’t offer a widget on a shelf.  Services can be packaged with the same creativity.  John Jantsch, creator of Duct Tape Marketing, says:

The whole idea is to create something much bigger than just, say, providing accounting.

You are really selling more than accounting, plumbing, or dentistry.  You are selling the experience people can have with you.  They are looking to buy conveniences or unique features or premium level services.  Why just offer accounting services when you can offer “premium level” opportunities for those willing and wanting to pay more for it!

You differentiate yourself (step 2) and target your specific segments (step 1) with the kinds of products and services that YOUR ideal customer is looking for . . . and willing to pay extra to get!

Here’s a good example for those selling tangible products – notice of the 3 packaged offerings, which one is already SOLD OUT (at the time of this writing)!

For those selling services in different packages, here’s a good example for you.

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Step 1: Narrow Your Market Focus

Step 2: Communicate Your Difference

Step 3: Packaging Your Product