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Step 1: Narrow Your Market Focus

Step 2: Communicate Your Difference

Step 3: Packaging Your Product

Step 4: Create Marketing Materials that Educate

Step 5:Advertising, Referrals and PR: Your Lead Generation Trio!

We’re coming to the end of this series on “7 Steps to Marketing Success” – powered by the proven principles of Duct Tape Marketing.  As the economy wears on and I hear more stories of hardship in people’s lives and businesses, I am convinced that these principles work.   And if by chance, you’re CONSIDERING starting a business of your own, why not do it NOW!   Your mind will tell you that you should wait for “better economic times” – but when will that be?  Do it now and you’ll be glad to have a say-so in your future!  As a small business owner and one who started in n0t-so-great economic times, I am loving the independence and getting to do it with my brother, Donny!  Sure, there’s uncertainty, but it’s alot of fun, too!  Click here if you want to access a great resource from Jonathan Fields – it will change the way you work and live for the rest of your life!


OK – check your website now.  Would you consider your website more “informative” or “interactive“?  The former uses your website to tell everything about you and your store/product/service.  When people come, they have no doubt what you have to offer.  They peruse and they leave.  On the other hand, what about having a site that your visitors interact with?  The key that successful sites have discovered is to convert your site’s visitor to a hot prospect by capturing their email address!

Sites that do not collect this vital link back to their prospects are losing the opportunity for follow-up.  Perhaps someone visits your site because they saw a direct link somewhere.  But, when they arrive, perhaps they are not in the purchasing mindset.  If they leave, you have no way of reaching them again.  But if you draw them into your database, then they have given you permission to send them new updates, information on new products/services, and, voila!, one day when they’re ready, they’ll buy.

Email marketing systems are affordable and pretty easy to manage on your own.  Just put up a sign-up form on your website to collect email addresses.  Most people offer something of value in exchange (recognizing this email address is valuable to you) – perhaps a free report, free e-book, coupons, free sample, something fun or informative, etc…  So create something that your visitors would find interesting and valuable and make it available to them.  Email marketing must be permission based to be effective – no one like spammers.  In this way, your website is working for you 24/7 – this is especially important if you have a storefront where you have limited store hours.  People surf the net at all hours, and alot of your prospects are likely doing it in the evening after their kids are in bed!

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Step 1: Narrow Your Market Focus

Step 2: Communicate Your Difference

Step 3: Packaging Your Product

Step 4: Create Marketing Materials that Educate

Step 5: Advertising, Referrals and PR: Your Lead Generation Trio!

Step 6: Website that works 24/7 – Email Marketing