First of all, I know Donny (the other half of MarketingTwins) is a big Phil Mickelson fan – and today, Phil Mickelson scored big and walked away as winner of the Crown Plaza Invitational with a birdie on the final hole at Colonial Country Club Sunday in Fort Worth. Congratulations Phil!

*NOTE: Donny loves to pass time by watching golf on TV. I think it’s completely boring on TV. Since Donny’s moving this weekend, he’s without internet connection for a couple of days, so he can’t debate on this one. Who do you say is right?



Speaking of golf, I wanted to pass along this example of great creativity. You gotta click on that link (yeh, the one you just read right over!) – it’s all about a firm’s promotion of their SEO* services. I love their thinking!

While the promotion would no doubt be effective if done elsewhere, remember that the things shared here should not necessarily JUST propel you to copy what someone else has done. Be original! Be inspired to think creatively and how to use innovative promotions to draw attention to your business. And never forget, it doesn’t matter how innovative or creative you are, you’ve got to follow through and deliver on your promises!

How are you standing out in the crowd? How are people finding you?

* If you need to understand SEO, my friend, and fellow Duct Tape Marketing coach, Ken Partain, offers some insight here!

– Randy