“Business owners, non-profit leaders, and ministries often believe they can’t afford to market their organizations,” says Dr. Tara Robinson, owner and CEO of Zugunruhe Coaching. “They think marketing is too expensive or too complicated or too time consuming. But without marketing–the actions and deeds that allow prospects to know, like, and trust you–you’re operating from blind faith alone.”

Just like myself, Tara is also an authorized Duct Tape Marketing coach. She adds:

“When you know the principles and understand the foundations of good marketing practices, you acquire the flexibility to innovate and be creatively courageous in how you market. In essence, you learn how to present your organization–it’s missions and motives, it’s intentions and approaches–in authentic and compelling ways. Using the Duct Tape Marketing system, you work with proven principles, strategies, and tactics to get the results you want.”

Is your church or ministry uncomfortable with incorporating “secular” marketing into your “spiritual” ministry? It’s a common erroneous thought that needs rethinking. The Ministry Marketing Coach Chris Forbes says,

“We make no apologies for using marketing in ministry. We believe that marketing is a management discipline—like time management or budgeting—that can help ministers be more effective communicators of the Gospel.”

One of the foundations of the Duct Tape Marketing system is that it is just that . . . a system. A discipline. Just like your organization probably has some form of systematic program for bookkeeping, financial accountability, payroll, benefits administration, etc…you NEED to organize your communication strategy around a system that makes sense! If you treated your accounting like so many churches and ministries approach their marketing . . . we can all say one 5-letter word: A-U-D-I-T !!!

At 1429, we believe that marketing means building trust and communicating with excellence in order to most effectively share your message with the people who need to hear it! Whether you are a for-profit small business or a not-for-profit ministry, you could richly benefit from marketing principles that are solid, affordable, practical and effective!

Contact myself or any other authorized Duct Tape Marketing coach and we can help you create effective marketing solutions!